Dentists – A Great Tooth Fairy Tooth Delivery System.

Posted on 20. Sep, 2013 by in Dental, Practice News

Jeff Highsmith created this great DIY project for his kids and to help the tooth fairy in today’s modern times.


A father made this sweet DIY project for his kids: it’s a set of pneumatic tubes, as seen in drive-up bank windows, where teeth can be inserted and delivered to the tooth fairy tree house.

Highsmith connected a series of PVC pipes and ran them between his two kids’ rooms. He used an old iPhone that is hooked up to a Raspberry Pi (a small, bare-bones computer available at your local Fry’s).  The Pi controls a shop vac hidden in the attic.  Using a small app on the iPhone the child can launch the teeth to the tooth fairy.  A parent can sneak into the other room and fill the carrier with money or some other reward and then the child can retrieve it!  The app has a cute little map that tracks the progress of the teeth to the tooth fairy tree house.

Imagine this setup in your dental office.  Children can save their teeth and bring them to their dentist.  Your practice worked hard with the tooth fairy in creating a system to send teeth to help the tooth fairy out!  An assistant in another room could retrieve the teeth and then send back a reward to the kid.  Talk about fun!!!

Highsmith has instructions on how the project over at MAKE.


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