6-29-2016, Fortuna, California –

Michael Eshghipour bought Eel River Valley dental in 2015 and started practicing dentistry.  Unfortunately for his patients, he is not a licensed dentist.  This is a felony and the individual is currently under investigation and the practice has been closed.

Before buying the practice, Eshghipour worked for two years at yet another practice.  The investigation was begun based on a confidential tip to police.  Eshghipour was forced to immediately resign and give up the practice.  The practice is now listed under Dr. Robert Parks who appears to have been the previous owner.  He writes “This has been a gut punch to all of us…I’m sure they (law enforcement) will deal effectively with him.  Meanwhile, I have come out of retirement to take care of my patients.”

To worsen matter, authorities found that patient records, which should be kept extremely private, were in a filing bin in the middle of the medical center within reach of anyone.

Please see the video by KAEFTV.com.