Google Glass in Dentistry – Integrated Dental Loupes

Posted on 08. May, 2014 by in Dental, Practice News

Google Glass is in the news for many reasons, both good and bad.  What is interesting is that many great minds are coming up with some innovative medical uses.  Some of the first applications were using the camera to have video feeds of procedures.  As the technology matures and more software developers create application for Google Glass, we should see even more advanced usage.

Since Google Glass first appeared on a limited beta test basis, a group of dental students from the University of Michigan immediately recognized the potential and started work on integrating Glass into the practice.  The first step they took was to integrate loupes into the design.  Google Glass with loupes solved the issue of magnification and provided eye protection.

With the integration of electronic health records, a doctor could immediately call up a patients history, charts, intraoral photographs, and more without having to leave the chair side or even move.  Expect more applications to be developed in coming years.  Meanwhile Google’s Glass has proven to be a great learning and teaching aid.

On a more nefarious side, Google Glass and other wearable devices can represent a huge threat to patient security.  Read more here.


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